Are you protecting your breath?

Scott shares, through one practitioner's journey, how important our breath can be in making realisations about our yoga practice, and how it can help us to cultivate more kindness both to ourselves and others.

Are you ready to move in 2017?

Scott talks about how we meet our practice through intention, how this year we can meet our lives the same way and how the anniversary of the death of a loved one at the beginning of the year has turned into a reminder of the power of life.

Have you found your still point?

Scott looks at how, behind the moving and fluctuating of a yoga practice, we are looking to discover a still point. He also shares how his own still point was found through relationship.

The delicate balance of yoga and life

Scott shares how a yoga practice brings up many sides to our lives and that we are really working to move through all of these different parts equally: to cultivate the balance of yoga and life.

When I breathe I move

Scott explains why the breath is at the core of a yoga and contemplative practice and its importance in controlling how we see the world.

Developing a personal yoga self practice

Scott shares why developing a personal yoga self practice is a key discipline in shifting your personal perspective and helping you to become a more open and inspired version of yourself.