Falling into yoga, falling into life

In this month's post, Scott explores what happens when we fall deep into a yoga or contemplative practice - how we can fall into our breath, away from our identity, and into present moment awareness. As we lean into the space that's created, can we find a new way of seeing ourselves and the world?  

How do you understand yoga in your life?

Scott contemplates our connection with our yoga practice, sharing how we might begin to understand yoga, how he sees yoga as intimacy and as relationship, and why it's important to practise gratitude in our lives.

Listen without prejudice

Yoga begins with listening. This month, Scott explains why listening to others is at the core of why we practise yoga, and how we can navigate the differences in our own viewpoints with love and compassion for others.

Have you noticed how far you’ve come?

This month Scott invites you to imagine if any part of your life had been different; he explores how skilfully reflecting on the past and stopping to smell the roses in the present moment keeps you on a path to the future.

Reflections from the Stillpoint Yoga London blog

As we move into the new year, Scott looks back over 2017 and reflects on some of the most popular posts from the Stillpoint Yoga London blog, to help give you a fresh perspective on your yoga practice.

Cultivating a gentle strength in yoga

In this month's blog Scott shares his thoughts on cultivating the dual qualities of strength and gentleness and how we can embody both through a regular yoga practice.

The many subtle flavours of Ashtanga yoga

In this month's blog post Scott looks at how the many different teachers of the lineage of Ashtanga yoga are sharing the practice today while still honouring the many paths of the one practice.

Are you protecting your breath?

Scott shares, through one practitioner's journey, how important our breath can be in making realisations about our yoga practice, and how it can help us to cultivate more kindness both to ourselves and others.