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Join our monthly membership and discover how the teachings and practices of yoga and mindfulness can come alive, wherever you are.

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We have 7 live stream sessions a week you can fully interact with. There are more details about them here.

Your teachings and community have been so amazingly helpful and inspiring to me!

Clio Scutt - practitioner

After the birth of my baby girl I was in great danger of completely erasing the line between being kind to myself and being lazy and basically staying in a pregnant mind forever. But you've managed to light the internal fire again and it feels really liberating. And over zoom too! So impressed. The community is so welcoming and inclusive and can only be a true reflection of what you have attracted. I feel very grateful to be able to practise with everyone. THANK YOU! 

What makes our online yoga membership unique?

The Stillpoint Online Membership gives you more than just weekday yoga classes. It’s a complete programme that you can integrate into your life. You can join as many classes as you like, which are set up so you're able to interact with like-minded people.

Become a member and join a thriving yoga and mindfulness community both on and offline.  

Yoga, philosophy and mindfulness

We offer a complete schedule that covers all aspects of yoga, asana technique, philosophy and mindfulness practice.

Exclusive Stillpoint member content

You can have access to our growing Stillpoint Yoga On-Demand Library that covers many areas of yoga practice.

A vibrant online yoga community

Our community has been growing since 2020 and most of our classes encourage interaction. We learn together. 

Our weekly 6-day live stream programme could be for you

At Stillpoint Online we meet you where you are and help you to discover how the practice and teachings of yoga can become an inspiring part of your life.

From Monday to Saturday our live stream classes are there to support and guide you, whether in our early morning breathing, mindfulness and Ashtanga yoga classes or in our community-based yoga philosophy discussions and yoga clinics. Our highly skilled and compassionate yoga and meditation teachers are there to support and encourage you in every way. 

We’ve seen over the years (since we opened our physical space in 2009) that a consistent yoga and mindfulness practice has been the key to unlocking long-lasting positive change in people's lives.

Our programme is for people like you who are curious and deeply interested in how the teachings of yoga and meditation can interact with their lives. 

Meet your faculty of compassionate yoga teachers

Scott Johnson, Stillpoint Founder

Scott Johnson

Jayne Wilton

Lee Monk, Stillpoint Teacher

Lee Monk

Emma Burdon, Stillpoint Teacher

Emma Burdon

Our Membership Options

We've created 3 ways you can join our community and connect with us.

Full Stillpoint Online Platform
Monthly membership
(recurring payment)

What you receive:
  • 6 x morning Monday to Saturday online yoga sessions per week with our highly experienced teaching faculty.
  • Every Monday evening Still Space session with Scott Johnson and the Stillpoint community.
  • Every Saturday Yoga Clinic with Scott Johnson and the Stillpoint community.
  • Access to our On-Demand Library.
  • Access to our community WhatsApp group.
  • Free access to a monthly Saturday (07:00 - 09:00) guided technique class with Scott Johnson in London Bridge.
Monday Evening
Still Space
Monthly membership
(recurring payment)

What you receive:
  • Every Monday evening Still Space session with Scott Johnson and the Stillpoint community. 
  • Access to our On-Demand Library of content.
  • Supports the Stillpoints Podcast and People Of Yoga YouTube films. 

The Stillpoint On-Demand Library 

Our membership also gives you access to hours of yoga and mindfulness videos. 

Asana Technique | Yoga Philosophy | Guided Mindfulness | Breathing Practices | Exclusive Interviews 

Asana Technique Workshops

Yoga Philosophy Presentations

Guided Mindfulness Practices

Scott's loving encouragement and gentle guidance...

Rachel Mccarthey - practitioner

...has added more subtle layers and advanced my practice further than in years! It is a safe space to share and learn. I have loved unpacking the sutras, working with mindfulness, joining weekly workshops – and the Friday restorative classes are a lovely way to end the working week! 

Find out more about our online sessions


6:30am - 8:30am | Monday - Friday

Ashtanga Yoga

Mysore Classes

Join Scott Johnson on Monday and Jayne Wilton on Friday for dedicated online sessions and hybrid Ashtanga Yoga Mysore self-practice classes where you can practice with the London Bridge on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from the comfort of your own home.

This session is for practitioners who are comfortable practicing Ashtanga yoga on their own. 


6:30am Wednesday | 7:30am Saturday

Ashtanga Yoga

Guided Classes

Join  Lee Monk on Wednesday and Wendy Haigh on Saturday for morning guided Ashtanga yoga classes to get you ready for your day.

This session is for any type of Ashtanga yoga practitioner.


6:30am - 6:50am | Monday



Join Scott Johnson for a 15 minute mindfulness and breathing practice at the beginning of the week.

This session is for any type of Ashtanga yoga practitioner.


7:30pm - 8:30pm | Monday

The Still Space

Join Scott Johnson for a gentle way to begin your week with meditation, philosophy, restorative with the Stillpoint community.

This session is for any type of yoga practitioner.


10:00am - 11:00am | Saturday

Yoga Clinic

Join Scott Johnson and the Stillpoint community as we consider questions  on any aspect of yoga practice that is interesting to you. 

This session is for any type of yoga practitioner.


07.00am - 8:45am | Monthly Saturday

Ashtanga Yoga Workshop

Join Scott Johnson for a monthly workshop with a guided technique practice at our home in London Bridge.

This session is for any type of Ashtanga yoga practitioner.

Just the most magical place to be!

Yvette Sanderson - practitioner

Scott and his amazing team hold the space so beautifully. As a long-term practitioner I never thought I would be able to practise outside of a studio but this is definitely not the case anymore. I now have Scott right there in my home and in my heart everyday. For that I will be eternally grateful.

How it works

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  • Login each time you want to join a class
  • Don't forget to logout after class!


Can I cancel my membership?

You can cancel your membership at any time by logging into our website here and clicking on the Membership Settings link at the bottom of the screen. Then click 'Cancel membership'.

Your monthly plan membership will end at the end of the month in which your membership started.

Can I get a refund?

We offer no refunds on our monthly plans, but if you cancel your membership you won't be charged again.

However, if you have special circumstances then please drop us an email at and we'll review your cancellation request. Please allow 5 working days for us to review and respond.