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We're creating a community of like-minded people who all share in the practices of Ashtanga yoga, mindfulness and yoga philosophy to help transform our lives and the world we live in. Our monthly memberships give you access to in-person and live stream classes, and our growing on-demand library. We also host events, trainings and retreats to help you find peace. 

Stillpoint founder, Scott Johnson

Our story

After the death of my dear friend and Stillpoint co-founder Ozge Karabiyik in 2012, I became passionate about sharing with people that every single moment in our lives is precious. That it's something we have power over and can change for the better, in any moment. So every person who came into the Stillpoint yoga shala after Ozge died was met with compassion and kindness.

I saw in everyone the urge to meet something deeper in themselves and I made it my mission to meet and support that urge. It was so important for us to help people see the transformative power a mindful approach to Ashtanga yoga could have in their lives and how this could be realised beyond their yoga mats.

Scott Johnson

From London Bridge to a global community

In 2020, as a response to the global pandemic, we expanded our offering to include an online Ashtanga yoga and mindfulness programme, adding this community to our physical space in London Bridge. 

You can now join us in-person and online through our Ashtanga yoga and mindfulness memberships from anywhere in the world.

Meet the Stillpoint team

Scott Johnson, Stillpoint Founder


Scott Arnott, Stillpoint Teacher


Lee Monk, Stillpoint Teacher




Our history

Since 2009 Stillpoint has been sharing the traditional practice of Ashtanga yoga in a mindful way. But it was a tragic event, right at the beginning of 2012, that began to define the approach we now share, one of really wanting people to wake up to their lives through the contemplative practices of yoga and meditation.

Founded by dear friends Scott Johnson and Ozge Karabiyik, it was the tragic passing of Ozge in 2012 that changed the way Stillpoint met practitioners. The community went through a long period of mourning but, ultimately, Scott carried on teaching each morning to meet new people each day.

It was out of this period that Stillpoint became a sanctuary, one where people could turn up each day and just sit and meditate or practise yoga and be held and supported by a like-minded group of people who were there just to find a little bit of space in their lives.

We're now an in-person & online community, sharing these practices with the same passion and care, and continuing to hold space in the same way. Whether that's in the early morning classes we teach in London Bridge or in the online spaces of our self-practice, philosophy or workshop rooms. We also offer deeper trainings, events and retreats.

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