Stillpoint Workshops, Events & Retreats

We have been organising events for as long as we have been teaching Ashtanga yoga in London Bridge. We love nothing more than bringing inspiring ideas and information to you. Whether its's through our own teachers, the inspiring world renowned workshop guests or traveling to other places and countries we love to expand on the deeper aspects of how your practice can change your life. 

There are so many ways to learn these incredible practices and philosophies...

London Bridge Workshops and Intensives

Gregor Maehle & Monica Gauci

Ashtanga Yoga Workshops 

27th - 28th July 2024

29th July - 2nd August 2024

David Keil

Ashtanga & Yoga Anatomy

24th - 25th August 2024

26th August - 6th September 2024

Manju Jois

Ashtanga Yoga Intensive

9th - 13th September 2024

Every time I walk into the Stillpoint studio it’s like coming home.

Tina Glover - practitioner

Scott and the team have created such a nurturing, safe space for self-enquiry and exploration, that over the years, my yoga practice has become less about making shapes with my body and more like a daily conversation with myself about how I’m feeling and what I need to nourish myself that day - how beautiful is that? I truly believe there is nowhere else quite like Stillpoint and I feel truly blessed to have found it!