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You can start your practice anytime after our doors open at 6:30am

Being part of Stillpoint over the last 4 years has transformed my relationship with yoga and my own practice!

Lucy Bramley - London Bridge practitioner

Scott has been a game changer for me and a teacher like no other! With integrity, insight and sensitivity, he has supported me to explore and develop my practice and nurture a spirit of openness and curiosity within myself.

The space at London Bridge is a very special place of peace, connection and safety – a real haven in one of the busiest parts of the city!

Our early morning in-person Ashtanga yoga classes in London Bridge meet you where you are. From 6:30 to 9:00am our highly experienced teachers will help you develop an inspiring yoga, breath and meditation practice that will set you up for the day ahead. 

 We help you develop and sustain your own personal, committed and inspiring yoga practice that meets your unique body and needs. Whether you're a beginner or more advanced, we bring clarity and insight to how your yoga practice works for you. 

We've been sharing Ashtanga yoga since 2009 and are so passionate about how we can help you unveil the timeless wisdom of yoga in your life.

Begin your day in our peaceful space

When are our classes?

You can begin your practice anytime after 6:30am



Self-Practice Ashtanga Yoga



Self-Practice Ashtanga Yoga



Self-Practice Ashtanga Yoga

Who are your teachers?

Scott Johnson

Scott Johnson

Stillpoint Yoga Teacher

Scott has been director and teacher at Stillpoint Yoga since it opened in London Bridge in 2009. He has taught every weekday morning since that time and has helped countless people discover the beautiful qualities that a long-term yoga practice offers. Scott has been practising yoga since 1998 and teaching Ashtanga yoga since 2003. He's one of only a few Ashtanga teachers to be authorised in both the primary and intermediate series by Manju Jois. He works nationally and internationally sharing the benefits of a committed yoga and mindfulness meditation practice.

Scott Arnott, Stillpoint Teacher

Scott Arnott

Stillpoint Yoga Teacher

Scott has been practising yoga since 2014 and since 2016 he's dedicated himself to a daily practice of Ashtanga yoga at Stillpoint. He’s undertaken Ashtanga-based training with Scott Johnson, completing the Amāyu Essentials 1 and 2 training, and studied with John ScottManju JoisKia Naddermier and other great teachers. In 2020 he undertook a yoga teacher training with Simon Borg-Olivier. Scott is a RYT200 certified teacher with Yoga Alliance. He loves helping yoga students develop their own approach with awareness of their bodies and seeing what they can achieve.

What are our prices?

When you join one of our Stillpoint in-person memberships you also get access to our growing On-Demand Library of guided classes, tutorials, philosophy lectures and more.

If you'd like to drop in for a one-off class, go here.

Unlimited In-Person 
& Online
(recurring payment)

What you receive:
  • Unlimited in-person Ashtanga yoga self-practice classes in London Bridge with Scott Johnson
  • Unlimited access to our full Live Stream program of classes
  • Discount on future online courses and events
  • Access to our On-Demand Library
Monthly membership
(recurring payment)

What you receive:
  • Unlimited in-person Ashtanga yoga self-practice classes in London Bridge with Scott Johnson
  • Access to our On-Demand Library
2 x Weekly In-Person & Online
Monthly membership
(recurring payment)

What you receive:
  • 2 x per week in-person Ashtanga yoga self-practice classes in London Bridge with Scott Johnson
  • Access to our On-Demand Library

Drop-in classes and weekly passes

You can also buy in-person one-off weekly and drop-in passes here

Where can you find us?

Room AR2, Guys Campus, Boland House, Great Maze Pond, London Bridge SE1 9TL (next to Collingwood St)

Here's a video showing you how to find us from The Shard

Our beautiful open yoga space:

  • has easy access from the street,
  • is a 1-minute walk from London Bridge station,
  • has plenty of gender-neutral showers and bathrooms,
  • has a modern audiovisual system for our hybrid online class.

What do people say?

Every time I walk into the Stillpoint studio it’s like coming home!

Tina Glover

Scott and the team have created such a nurturing, safe space for self-enquiry and exploration, that over the years my yoga practice has become less about making shapes with my body and more like a daily conversation with myself about how I’m feeling and what I need to nourish myself that day – how beautiful is that? I truly believe there is nowhere else quite like Stillpoint and I feel truly blessed to have found it.

What is Ashtanga yoga?

Ashtanga yoga is a beautiful and powerful practice of breath/ movement synchronicity that anyone can learn. Taking the commitment to learn the practice for yourself helps you to:
  • focus your mind,
  • understand how your body moves in deeper ways,
  • develop and build your own unique strength,
  • create a more spacious and open body,
  • explore a deeper, more mindful and peaceful awareness of yourself,
  • build confidence and resilience in your life.