Teaching Ashtanga Yoga Is A Big Responsibility

and far more than a sequence of postures...

Discover our Yoga Training for Teachers Programme and learn how to teach this practice to anyone... 

Would you like to learn how to:

  • Become more confident in your ability to teach Ashtanga yoga?
  • skilfully develop someones yoga practice over time?
  • see your students patterns of movement and teach Ashtanga yoga according to them?
  • adopt a deeply mindful approach to teaching Ashtanga yoga and mindfulness?
  • integrate yoga philosophy and mindfulness principles into your relationships with your students?
  • mindfully adjust every yoga posture in the Ashtanga yoga sequences?
  • develop your own unique yoga teaching skills over time?
  • Become an intuitive, confident and compassionate Ashtanga yoga teacher?

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Stillpoint Yoga Training for Teachers Program

Our Mission 

We believe that the practices of yoga and mindfulness offer a gateway to living an awakened life. 

They show us deeper and deeper layers of ourselves discovered through ongoing personal inquiry and an intimate relationship with the breath, the body and the mind. Over time we unveil new ways to perceive our unique human form, interacting within this stunning and tender world.

Through our Ashtanga yoga teacher training and education programmes we cultivate curious, compassionate teachers who are able to centre and place that curiosity in others, helping them to the  ancient wisdom of yoga and mindfulness in a modern world. We encourage all teachers and practitioners to see themselves as a continuum, a unique ongoing part of the deep tapestry of awakened, embodied practice. 

To see that the choices we make now will live long into the future. 

Our 300hr Yoga Teacher Training Programme

Study to become a deeply skilled and compassionate teacher of Ashtanga Yoga

and Mindfulness Meditation. Learn to build an inspiring community of your own...

Our 300hr Ashtanga Yoga training for teachers certification programme empowers you to discover your own unique way of sharing how Ashtanga yoga and mindfulness practices have moved you. It is through this deeper inquiry that you begin to discover your unique voice. You can then use this voice to help others find theirs.

We place the students experience at the centre of the relationship. We see that teaching yoga is a collaboration in which we all thrive. Together.

We encourage, develop and educate students within the traditional framework and teachings of the Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga practice. We layer that with the wider teachings of Hatha Yoga and a deep ongoing study of how yoga philosophy comes alive in our lives. We will then take a deep dive into the traditional teachings of the Buddhas four foundations of mindfulness, (taught by lead faculty and Buddha Dharma teacher Frank Jude Boccio) creating a deeply integrative approach to yoga practice and life. 

Our Ongoing CPD Programmes

Join our ongoing CPD courses that expand the skills and confidence you have as a teacher, both in the way you teach and how you hold space for others.

Our Stillpoint yoga training for teachers CPD programmes are created to support yoga teachers in becoming the most creative, inspiring versions of themselves. Confidence in ones ability to be able to hold space for others and support a students growth comes from continued inquiry into how we relate to ourselves through contemplative practice.

We encourage all teachers who work with us to be curious. We offer events and workshops that further this questioning so that one leaves resourced and able to adapt to the environment they teach in. 

Our Mentorship Programme

Our mentorship programme will help you thrive as a yoga teacher. Be supported by our highly experienced and skilled teachers of yoga who have your best interests at heart. 

We've developed our Stillpoint yoga training for teachers mentorship programme to support new and experienced yoga teachers. The journey of teaching yoga is an ongoing discovery of one's ability to hold space for others. Whether just starting out, or you've been teaching for a while, there are so many aspects of yoga that can feel challenging. Sharing our message, interacting with students, how to adjust/not to adjust, what to teach, developing workshops to expand our work... 

All these elements we have been personally been through and have developed skills to adapt the way we meet the world through our practice and sharing of yoga. Over the years we have spent time training yoga teachers in our classes. It helped them greatly to have that supoort

 This mentorship will give you both community and skills, leaving you with powerful ways to integrate your practice and love of yoga with others. 

Stillpoint Yoga Teacher Training

Who are we?

We've been teaching Ashtanga Yoga in London Bridge since 2009 and are one of London's most recognised Ashtanga Yoga schools...

Over the years we've helped thousands of people from all over the world develop a yoga practice that has changed their lives and held dozens of events with hundreds of people. We've also supported many yoga teachers through their teacher training.

We are passionate about how the traditional self practice method of Ashtanga yoga changes lives and building communities where people thrive and become the best version of themselves. We have curated a training faculty of highly experienced yoga and mindfulness teachers with well over a hundred years of experience between them.