Class schedule

Check out our weekly members class schedule here. Read the class descriptions below. (Please note that on UK public bank holiday Mondays there will be no classes)


  • 6:30–9am Online Breathing, mindfulness and Mysore self-practice with Scott Johnson
  • 7:30–8:30pm Still Space: Yoga philosophy/Mindfulness with Scott Johnson


  • 6:30–9am Mysore Self-practice (London Bridge and Online) with Scott Johnson


  • 6:30–9am Mysore Self-practice (London Bridge and Online) with Scott Johnson
  • 6:30-8:15am Guided Ashtanga Yoga with Lee Monk


  • 6:30–9am Mysore Self-practice (London Bridge and Online) with Scott Johnson


  • 6:30–9am Online Breathing, mindfulness and Mysore self-practice with Scott Johnson


  • 7:30–9:15am Stillpoint Online Guided Primary Series with Wendy Haigh
  • 10:00-11:00 Yoga Clinic with Scott Johnson

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Class descriptions

Early morning yoga

Guided half primary/full primary 

Join our teachers Lee Monk, Wendy Haigh and Scott Arnott for early morning Ashtanga yoga guided classes open to all levels on Mondays, Friday and Saturdays

Self-practice (Online and in London Bridge)

Join Scott Johnson for Mysore style Ashtanga yoga self-practice either in-person or online. The self practice method is the traditional way to learn the practice of Ashtanga Yoga. Scott will guide and encourage you in your practice and it means you can start anytime after 06:30am (the class ends at 08:30).

Saturday Yoga Clinic

Join Scott Johnson and the community each Saturday morning for an hour of unpacking any issues you may have around your yoga practice.  


Join Scott Johnson for Shanti Mantra chanting on Zoom and Instagram Live. (Download a PDF of the chants here.)

Evening Still Space

Yoga philosophy discussion/Mindfulness Practice

Join us for our Monday evening philosophy lectures, mindfulness  and discussion with Scott Johnson.