Scott talks to Lucille Meyer about her powerful work as an activist, yoga teacher and CEO of Chrysalis academy. Chrysalis is one of the largest and most prestigious youth service organisations in South Africa. Lucille has overseen the transformation of thousands of young men and women, using the techniques of yoga and mindfulness and other modalities.

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In this inspiring conversation Lucille and Scott talk about Lucille’s introduction to yoga whilst in solitary confinement. Lucille was detained in a South African prison in the early 90’s. In this conversation Lucille’s shares how this early activism shaped her and then how yoga changed her life. Lucille goes in deep about her powerful work as CEO and educator at Chrysalis Academy. She shares how the young peoples lives are really changed through the tools of yoga, mindfulness, service and compassion.

You can find out more about Lucille’s and the work of the Chrysalis Academy here. You can also follow the Chrysalis Academy Facebook page here.

‘Lucille Meyer is one of the most inspiring women I’ve met. She has such a powerful conviction to service using yoga and meditation. Her work at Chrysalis Academy, where she has helped to changed the life of thousands of young people, shows a dedication and profound sense of yoga as service. He voice is powerful and this is one of my favourite conversations on the podcast. Enjoy Lucille’s powerful sharing about her dedicated, inspiring work…’

Scott Johnson – July 2021

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