Scott talks to Deepika Mehta, a friend and fellow long term practitioner and teacher of Ashtanga yoga.

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Scott and Deepika have known each other since March 2019, where they met at the Ashtanga Yoga Bali Conference. They bonded over a love of music, both touched by how music has affected and driven their lives. They recorded this interview while both teaching in Goa in November 2019.

About Deepika Mehta

Deepika has been practicing yoga for over 20 years, where she used the tools of yoga to heal from a devastating climbing accident. Since then she has thrived, studying the Sivananda and Ashtanga yoga traditions and becoming an Authorised Level 2 teacher, from her teacher Sharath Jois, in the latter. She currently runs highly regarded retreats and intensives around the world with her co-teacher and husband, Mark Robberds.

You can find out more about Deepika here

‘Deepika is a highly inspiring woman. She has had to overcome a deeply personal trauma in her younger years that has now transformed the way she lives her life, and practices and teaches yoga. Deepikas story shows how you can find an inner resolve through movement and by finding the courage to turn inwards.
Scott Johnson – April 2020

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