Scott talks to colleague and fellow yoga practitioner Jess Glenny, a London based yoga teacher and educator, on her lifelong dedication to movement practices.

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In this deeply personal conversation Jess share moments of her life that shaped the way she practices yoga and movement. She is incredibly open about her dyspraxia, hypermobility and autistic journey and shares intimately how these have impacted her life. Her courage in meeting these conditions head on shines through and is a deep inspiration to others. Scott and Jess also share their journey of trust as they recollect how Jess felt able to be comfortable practicing in the Stillpoint Yoga London self practice room.

Jess is a long term and highly skilled yoga/movement teacher, facilitator and therapist specialising in teaching people how to practice with hypermobility. She brings a personal depth of knowledge to the experience of being hypermobile, dispraxic and autistic, shining a light on how these conditions interact with yoga practice and life.

Jess runs Greenwich and Woolwich Ashtanga yoga self practice classes and yoga therapy session. She also leads courses, intensives and workshops nationally. Jess also has a book, the Yoga Teacher Mentor, coming out in January 2020.  You can find out more about Jess here

Jess also has a highly informative blog here

“This personal conversation is inspiring, particularly for those who are working through the same conditions that Jess brings up. Jess’ story is one of facing the challenges she found head on, in a beautiful and inspiring way.”
Scott Johnson – October 2019

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