Scott interviews David Keil, a long term SYL friend and collaborator, about his life and evolution into becoming one of Stillpoint’s most loved visiting teachers and a highly sought after Ashtanga yoga teacher and yoga anatomy educator.

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Scott gets under the skin of David Keil, looking deeply into David’s journey from starting yoga at 15 through to becoming, what Scott calls him, one of the most skilled Ashtanga yoga teachers and educators teaching today. David has taught at Stillpoint Yoga London since 2010 and in this conversation shares his journey through yoga practice and teaching in a beautifully open and honest way

About David Keil

David Keil is a yoga teacher, yoga anatomy educator and entrepreneur who is changing the way we integrate with and learn yoga anatomy. He has written a yoga anatomy book, called Functional Anatomy of Yoga, created a set of highly successful yoga anatomy online courses, he facilitated a yoga research project assessing the yoga asana practice on physical health and injury and has also just launched a groundbreaking new anatomy learning tool called 3D Muscle Lab.

David lives in Miami and travels globally teaching yoga and anatomy. You can find more about David’s work here

David’s skill has always been to be able to help find people’s agency in their yoga practice. This podcast get’s behind why that is, how David ultimately sees practice and why we love him here at Stillpoint.
Scott Johnson – July 2019

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