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Move Into The New Year With A Fresh Perspective On Your Practice

By Scott Johnson

As we move into the new year, I thought it would be nice to look back over the past 12 months and highlight some popular posts from the SYL blog to help take your practice into 2018.

If you’ve read my article 5 things I’ve learned from starting a yoga blog, you’ll know that blogging didn’t always come so easily to me. But I wanted to share my experiences of yoga, of challenge, of transformation. And we all have to start somewhere. So I dived in and haven’t looked back since.

I discovered a profound and deep enjoyment in finding the ability to write again. In fact, it’s been transformational for me and I realised that writing regularly is just as much a spiritual practice as yoga itself.

So, here are 3 SYL blog posts from 2017 to help you move into the new year with a fresh perspective on your practice:

1.  Starting over: How to keep your Ashtanga yoga practice fresh


Starting over: How to keep your Ashtanga yoga practice fresh: The Never Ending Beginning Of Ashtanga Yoga
By Scott Johnson

In this post I reflect on the importance of keeping a beginner’s mind in order to keep your Ashtanga practice fresh and stay grounded in the present moment.

“I feel it’s important that we continue to hold the energy of the beginner in our lives. Of beginner’s mind. One of the many pleasures of being an ashtanga yoga Mysore teacher is cultivating a room that holds many different kinds of practitioner. All are welcome, and the set up of the self-practice method allows for both new and experienced people to be able to nurture their practices together, yet alone.” – Scott Johnson

2. Five ways to soften your Ashtanga yoga practice

5 ways to soften your Ashtanga yoga practice: How To Soften The Edges And Nurture A More Gentle Side Of Your Practice
By Scott Johnson

An Ashtanga yoga practice can be strong, dynamic and intense. In this post I share how to soften the edges of the practice and to perhaps nurture a more gentle side.

  • Begin with stillness: Sit. Breathe quietly before you begin your practice.
  • Widen your listening: Go beyond the inhale/exhale and notice the quiet space between the breaths.
  • Let go: Notice when you are pushing and stop. Let it go, feel the body, then start again.
  • Slow down: Slow the practice or vinyasa down.
  • Remember why: Remember why you are practising yoga.

3. Combining mindfulness and yoga can change everything

Combining mindfulness and yoga can change everything: Exploring The Relationship Between Yoga And Mindfulness
By Scott Johnson

In this post I consider the relationship between yoga and mindfulness, and share how cultivating moment to moment awareness completely changed my long term yoga practice.

“Mindfulness captured me in my practice and created a more open attitude. It widened the focus of my practice and helped me to let go of those things in my mind that held me back. It’s not easy – there are constant unconscious reminders and life keeps coming at you – but, for me in practice, it always comes back to the tiny moments.” – Scott Johnson

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Happy New Year!

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