The Mind

On this page you'll discover ways to connect deeper into awareness through meditation and mindfulness.

Becoming aware is one of the most important things you can do in your life. It enhances not only your yoga practice but also your life. This page is all about finding new ways to see... 

There are guided meditations, lectures, presentations and more...!

Mindfulness Presentations & Discussions

These videos will help you uncover new ways of looking at your life.

The First Foundation of Mindfulness:


Time: 1:02 hr

Scott presents on The Body, the first foundation of Mindfulness, and leads an inspiring discussion around others peoples ideas on how they relate to their bodies. 

The Second Foundation of Mindfulness: Feelings

Time: 59:49 mins

Scott presents on Feelings, the second foundation of Mindfulness. There is a conversation afterwards that looks at peoples individual ideas around how feelings play out. 

The Third Foundation of Mindfulness:


Time: 56:02 mins

Scott presents on The Mind, the third foundation of Mindfulness, and the layers of our conscious awareness. There is a meaningful discussion afterwards with the Stillpoint community. 

Guided Meditations

These videos will help you to find ways to let go and deepen into practice. 

Loving Kindness Meditation 

Time: 24:56 min

Scott guides you though a moving Loving Kindness meditation with a poem to finish.

Guided Mindfulness

Time: 6:17 min

Scott guides you through a gentle mindfulness exercise to gently calm you.