The Body

On this page you'll find many different ways to practice and discover asana!

Asana is the way we relate to the physical body. There are so many ways to notice the body and this page gives you some way of looking at it. 

There are guided classes, technique sessions and more!

Technique Workshops 

In these videos you'll learn techniques that will help you to understand how to access postures in new ways. 

Prasarita Padottanasana D Variation for Intermediate Series

Time: 1hr 22min

Scott shares different approaches to the Prasarita Padottanasana D variation that is deeply helpful for the hip opening and backbending postures of the intermediate series.

A Surya Namaskar approach to Backbending

Time: 1hr 15min

Scott shares a unique approach to looking at how to access Urdhva Dhanurasana by unpacking the Sun Salutations.

A look at Intermediate Series hip opening

Time: 25:35min

Scott shares some hip opening tips for postures in the intermediate series of Ashtanga yoga .