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The Mind

3rd Foundation of Mindfulness: The Mind


Tim Feldmann Stillpoints Podcast

The Body

Prasarita Padottanasana D Variation 

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We believe that yoga is a way of life. A way of seeing yourself. There are so many ways to be able to access seeing yourself in yoga and meditation pracitce.

So our library includes the many ways that yoga plays out in our lives. There are not only Ashtanga Yoga guided classes for all levels but there are also tips, technique, philosophy, chanting, meditation and many other sessions to support your practice of yoga in your life.

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The Body

In this section you'll discover tips and techniques that can help you in your yoga asana practice whether they be guided classes or technique around to access deeper aspects of your practice. 

The Mind

In this section you'll find mindfulness and meditation practices, plus talks and lectures that help you to ground your awareness wherever you are. Mindfulness is the key to establishing an inspired yoga practice.  

The Voice

In this section you'll discover the powerful chants that underpin yoga practice. You can listen to them or learn how to chant them yourself. You can also listen to poems that inspire us too. 

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The Breath

In this section you'll find talks, techniques and practices on how the breath is an integral part of a yoga and meditation practice. There is guidance on all aspects of breathing that can help you deepen your practice.

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Yoga Philosophy

In this section you'll discover many talks and lectures on how yoga philosophy lands in our lives. We have live philosophy presentations and discussions each week which create a beautiful way to expand your practice.

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In this section you'll find full video conversations recorded from the Stillpoints podcast with inspired and wise guests who have shared intimate details about practice and life with Scott. 

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