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We know how hard it can be to get your yoga mat or meditation cushion out at the beginning of the day or end of the day, especially when you’re at home. 

That's why our comprehensive 6-day weekly Ashtanga yoga and mindfulness programme is for everyone and gives you the opportunity to begin and end your day with a thriving community in our live-stream classes, guided by our highly skilled and compassionate yoga and meditation teachers.

We’ve seen over the years (since we opened in 2009) that a consistent yoga and mindfulness practice has been the key to unlocking long-lasting positive change in people's lives.

Once you’ve joined our membership you can take as little or as many classes as you like over the 6 days to support the way yoga and mindfulness meet your day. Our programme is for people who are really up for changing the way they see themselves and how they live their lives.

And you can start right now..!

Benefits of membership

Practise from home

Join a thriving community

Get personal feedback

What makes our membership unique?

The Stillpoint Online Membership gives you more than just weekday yoga classes. It’s a complete programme that you can integrate your life around, joining as many or as few classes as you choose. When you become a member you'll join a thriving yoga and mindfulness community both on and offline.  

Yoga and mindfulness

We offer a complete and integrated yoga and mindfulness programme.

Exclusive member content

We're constantly developing new, insightful content for our members. 

Expert yoga teachers

Our highly skilled teachers can help you, whether you're new or experienced.

Meet your team of compassionate teachers

Scott Johnson, Stillpoint Founder


Narmin Mohamaddi, Stillpoint Teacher


Lee Monk, Stillpoint Teacher


Wendy Haigh, Stillpoint Teacher


Scott Arnott, Stillpoint Teacher


Emma Burdon, Stillpoint Teacher


Membership includes

From Monday to Saturday you have over 25 classes/sessions to choose from
  • 5 early morning self practice Ashtanga yoga classes each week with Scott Johnson (Monday - Friday)
  • Weekly yoga philosophy lectures and discussion (Monday)
  • 2 early morning guided Ashtanga yoga classes for all levels join Thursday and Friday
  • 3 early mornings of chanting Shanti mantras 
  • A Saturday Yoga Clinic to look at particular aspects of your yoga practice

Payment plans


Renews weekly


Cancel anytime

Just the most magical place to be! Scott and his amazing team hold the space so beautifully. As a long-term practitioner I never thought I would be able to practice outside of a studio but this is definitely not the case anymore. I now have Scott right there in my home and in my heart everyday. For that I will be eternally grateful.
Yvette Sanderson

Scott's loving encouragement and gentle guidance has added more subtle layers and advanced my practice further than in years! It is a safe space to share and learn. I have loved unpacking the sutras, working with Mindfulness, joining weekly workshops - and the Friday Restorative Classes are a lovely way to end the working week!
Rachel McCarthey

Are you a beginner?

Our FREE Beginners Yoga & Meditation Course is the perfect way to get started. It includes a combination of recorded lessons and access to our online beginners classes. 

How it works

  • Choose a payment plan above
  • You'll receive a welcome email with your login details and a link to your dashboard
  • When you want to join a class, just click the login button at the top right of the website and enter your details to login
  • Login each time you want to join a class
  • Don't forget to logout after class!

Scott’s teaching has been liberating. The daily online yoga and mindfulness classes at Stillpoint have provided me with a safe space to practise. Maggie


Can I cancel my membership?

You can cancel your membership at any time by logging into our website here, and clicking on the Membership Settings link at the bottom of the screen. Then click 'Cancel membership'.

If you're on the weekly plan, your membership will end at the end of that week. If you're on the quarterly plan, your membership will end 90 days after your membership started.

Can I get a refund?

We offer no refunds on our weekly plan, but if you cancel your membership you won't be charged again.

Our standard refund policy on our quarterly plan is 14 days. However, if you have special circumstances then please drop us an email at and we'll review your cancellation request. Please allow 5 working days for us to review and respond.

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