Lesson 1:

Learning to breathe

By the end of this lesson you'll:

  1. Have a practice that will help you to focus your mind.
  2. Be able to notice your breath in a new way.
  3. Be ready for the breathing required in the following lesson. 


Practise along with this video

We begin by focusing on how we breathe. Learning to breathe in a more open way is one of the most valuable things you can learn to do in your life.

Breath awareness, and being mindful of your breath, has been at the core of most contemplative practices, like yoga and mindfulness, for millennia. If there is one takeaway from this whole course it’s that you can learn to use your breath to change how you feel and how you see yourself.

The simple breathing practice in this lesson will help you create a good foundation for the practices that are to follow. Once learned, it can also be a resource to use whenever you need it, not just on the yoga mat.

This breathing exercise is called the focus 12 practice and you just count your breath 12 times, using your mind and your thumb and fingers on your left hand to count each breath.