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Yoga Synergy Intensive 

(based on the postures from the Ashtanga Yoga series)


Simon Borg Olivier

Saturday 3rd – Sunday 4th June:

1pm – 8pm

Monday 5th, Tuesday 6th & Wednesday 7th June:

9am – 4pm

Stillpoint Yoga, West Wing, Guys Campus, St Thomas St, London Bridge, SE1 9TL

Prices: One Day: £100 (Saturday and Monday only) | Weekend: £185 | 3 Weekdays: £275  | Five days: £450


About the Simon Borg Olivier Yoga Synergy Intensive

Simon’s intensive will include static to dynamic meditative practices of posture, movement & breath work, including Qigong (chi-gung) and Yoga. It will also contain elements of dance, non-contact martial arts, and exercise-based physiotherapy. The general day format is broken up into two parts, both around three hours long, and are as follows:

Part one:

The early class will begin with some breath work with sound and chanting, leading to seated meditation practice. Then there will be joint movements originating from your body’s core. Then Simon will teach a spinal movement practice followed by some seated breath work. These first sessions usually conclude by integrating these practices into a fluid dynamic meditative session. These practices enhance energy and blood circulation while staying completely relaxed and supporting immune health.

Part two:

In the later class Simon will use the energetic aspects of the morning practice to develop a yoga posture, movement, and breathing practice. This is along the lines of the YogaSynergy system has developed in coordination with his understanding as an exercise-based physiotherapist over the last 30 years. These practices build strength, flexibility and fitness while maintaining the energy and inner peace of the meditative state, akin to the elite athlete’s zone or flow state.

Each part of the teaching is initially taught with verbal instructions and then repeated as a visually-guided meditative practice to music.

Simon Borg Olivier

The Yoga Synergy workshop will include:

  • Understanding progressive patterns of movement.
  • Anatomical understanding of sequential postures.
  • Seeing how the different postures of Ashtanga yoga can be sequenced and connected together.

What you will gain from the intensive?

You will be learning from one of the worlds foremost yoga teachers of yoga, movement and sequencing new ways to understand your personal movement patterns.

Who will benefit from this intensive?

This workshop is for all curious practitioners of yoga. You will learn how postures unfold in yourself through movement and awareness

About Simon Borg Olivier

imon Borg-Olivier, MSc BAppSc (Physiotherapy) APAM c-IAYT, has been practicing traditional forms of posture, movement, breathing, and mental control for 50 years. He has been teaching for 38 years and has been a registered physiotherapist for 23 years.

Simon works as a research scientist and a University lecturer. He has been regularly invited to teach about lifestyle, posture, movement, breathing, and meditation at conferences, festivals, and intensive teacher training courses internationally since 1990.

He is also co-director of YogaSynergy, one of Australia’s oldest and most respected yoga schools, which has a style based on a deep understanding of modern medical science and traditional forms of exercise and therapy from all over the world.

Simon has studied with great traditional masters from Tibet, Japan, India, and China. Along with his business partner and fellow physiotherapist, Bianca Machliss, Simon has co-authored many books and scientific articles including ‘Applied Anatomy and Physiology of Yoga’, which is the textbook for two courses they teach at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia.

Currently, Simon conducts intensive training courses in India, Bali, Europe, and Australia. He also teaches many online courses on the applications of posture, movement, and breathing for fitness, internal health, wellbeing, and longevity.


Simon Borg Olivier | Yoga Synergy Intensive | 3rd - 7th June 2023

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