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Discover a Mindful Approach: Yoga Adjustments Training


Saturday 10th December 2022, 9am – 1pm

Stillpoint Yoga, West Wing, Guys Campus, St Thomas St, London Bridge, SE1 9TL

Price: £60


‘I thought you struck an excellent balance between group work, demonstrating, and working with specific ‘case studies’ such as Maureen’s shoulder injury and my challenge with binds etc. I also learned a very valuable lesson about my aging body, that certain positions are no longer useful for me such as any of the lotuses due to the arthritis in my knees. You have a very deep understanding of experiential anatomy that clearly opened people’s eyes to practicing in a different way.’

Pema Clark

About the yoga adjustment workshop

As a teacher of yoga the art of yoga assists is one of deep understanding: understanding of your own motivations and biases and asking ourselves what we are here to actually do. 

When we are assisting in yoga there are many elements to look out for; a persons consent, their reasons for practicing, their energy and their own unique anatomical patterns. We can then assist someone in a posture based on what is actually needed, placing the students needs at the heart of the assist and helping them to uncover their own personal process and internal understanding.

These ongoing half-day workshops will look at the delicate components that come up when assisting someone. We will look at how to meet someone in relationship to yoga and the communication between two people when an assist is taking place.

We will also look at a number of postures and compare how to assist different physiologies, emphasising the skill of teaching to a unique individual.

The yoga adjustment workshop will include:

  • Understanding patterns 
  • Anatomy
  • Movement theory
  • Discussion on consent and meeting a student in this way. 
  • How to begin to see a body
  • Hands-on assists, or yoga adjustments, to a number of different postures. 

What you will gain from the workshop?

You will begin to notice students in a new way, observing the unique patterns that a student is presenting and being able to help them with that. You will be able to see a number of ways that yoga adjustments can be applied and also be able to see choose when and adjustment is not needed to.

Who will benefit from the workshop?

This workshop is for all teachers and curious practitioners of yoga. You will learn how postures unfold in yourself and in others so it is deepening your own knowledge of an asana.

If you are a teacher this workshop will help you by:

  • building confidence in how to see your students with new eyes.
  • feeling how a mindful adjustment works on you and sense how that would be for someone else.
  • meeting other like minded teachers to connect with.

If you are a student or practitioner this workshop will help you:

  • begin to understand how to feel empowered in a yoga class
  • learn what feels right and build confidence to say no when needed.
  • actually feel what is going on when someone is assisting you.f

‘The workshop was again invaluable especially for me as a new teacher. I loved how you began by talking about trust between teacher and student. Then the practical adjustment session – just by making slight adjustments to the way we move can make such a difference and I loved how you demonstrated that with othe students. It’s brilliant to be able to practice all the adjustments with one another and also to hear the input from other experienced teachers, and share ideas.

I’ve come away after both workshops feeling like I’ve learned so much, and also feeling like I have more confidence as a teacher.

Both times have also provided renewed enthusiasm for my practice.’

Lorraine Carter


Scott Johnson, Stillpoint Yoga

Your Teacher

Scott Johnson has been teaching at Stillpoint Yoga London since its inception in 2009. In that time he has supported and helped many people discover deeper ways to access their own unique patterns of movement and personal healing from pain. He uses his personal experience of teaching yoga and mindfulness to inform how to meet someone in a myriad of different ways. He teaches national and internationally promoting therapeutic ways of practicing Ashtanga Yoga through a mindful lens. 


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