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A 6 Day Italy Ashtanga Yoga and Mindfulness Retreat at Yoga in Salento

with Stillpoint director Scott Johnson


As we reimagine a coming together after the last year and a half of tenderness in the world we will take a deep look into the combined practices of Ashtanga yoga, philosophy and mindfulness to see how waking up can happen now, in this time, and not some far off place in the future…

The retreat will include:

  • Mindfulness Meditation
  • Pranayama/breathing techniques
  • Ashtanga yoga – Self practice and guided classes
  • Chanting
  • Philosophy
  • Movement technique.

What you will gain from the retreat:

Over the intensive Scott will help you find an understanding of your personal process through yoga and how then it pertains to your life.

On the retreat Scott will help you to see that yoga is a myriad of teachings and practices, all coming alive in the present moment. At its base yoga and mindfulness is reflected in how we see and act in the mind, the breath, the body and language.

From our own inquiry through yoga we can see the personal relationship we have with our own life and how these practices help those relationships to transform.

Seeing this connection you will gain a sense of what it means to wake up, in your life, through the practice of yoga.

The retreat includes:

3 Hours x 6 morning classes

2 Hours x 3 afternoon classes

Morning classes

There will be instruction and guidance in:

  • mindfulness
  • pranayama
  • ashtanga yoga guided and Mysore self practice classes
  • chanting.

Over the 6 days this will evolve into a fluid experience so that the last day blends from one practice into another.

3 x 2 Hour Afternoon sessions

Technique and Philosophy 


Looking at the underpinning techniques behind the Ashtanga yoga method.

  • The Movement principles of Surya Namaskar
  • Weight dynamics in standing postures
  • Breath, Banda. How to practice safely in all areas of asana, with awareness.


Over the 3 afternoons we will unpack how: 

  • The first 3 sutras of Patanjali show us the pathway of yoga.
  • How the philosophy of classical yoga is the Samkhya Philosophy and how that evolves as a way of seeing the world.
  • The 5 Kleshas are what stops us from seeing clearly.
  • The Ashtanga yoga eight limbed path is the method that unveils wisdom in our life time.
  • We will be left with how to see our yoga practice through the lens of sutra 1.20. We will then see that we are practically almost there, through Mukunda Stiles translation of 1.21.

You can register for this retreat directly through Yoga In Salento here>>