David Keil Mysore

 A Five Day David Keil Mysore Intensive

Monday 25th July to Friday 29th July

Stillpoint Yoga, West Wing, Guys Campus, St Thomas St, London Bridge, SE1 9TL


There will be 3 start times:

06.30am | 8am | 9.30am

with max 12 participants per session.

Price £170

Join us as one of our longest running guest teachers David Keil, who first came to Stillpoint in 2011, returns to teach a five day Mysore programme. It’ll be for the first time in 3 years…


What is a Mysore intensive?

The magic of the ashtanga yoga Mysore intensive is that it allows you to have what feels like a private class with the energy of a group. The teacher holds the space for your growth in the practice of yoga.

How will the intensive will benefit you:

  • Personalised attention
  • Limited to a maximum of 12 students
  • Figure out your “next step” in practice
  • Be clear about what you should focus on
  • Techniques to work on difficult areas of practice
  • Time to establish relationship with the teacher
  • Be inspired to practice more regularly

David Keil Mysore intensive – how he teaches!

Yoga is very much about relationship: the relationship you have with the practice and the relationship you have with the teacher who is guiding you. Relationship requires time and space to grow. This is the reason that when David teaches a Mysore intensive the number of students in the room at any one time is limited to a maximum of 12. This is also why you, the student, have to commit to signing up for the five days of practice. With David’s commitment to small numbers and your commitment to daily practice, there’s an opportunity for a transformative and in-depth relationship.

Students deserve individualised attention in their practice. In this Mysore intensive David will share techniques and tools that are specifically relevant to you and what’s going on in your practice. In his way of seeing the practice, this is where true teaching and learning happens. When guidance specific to you is aligned with your needs, growth and change naturally follow.

What is the Mysore method?

In the “Mysore” method students practice the series of postures they have learned, but at the pace of their own breath. The Mysore method provides the opportunity for individualised practice within a group setting, rather than a led or guided class where everyone is doing the same pose at the very same moment. In the Mysore method, students are supported and assisted in the practice where and when they need it. This allows for a deeper connection to develop between teacher, student, and the practice.

Over these five days of daily practice you’ll go through a process of exploring your practice deeply. Growth happens as a result of the amount of attention you’ll receive from David as well as your dedication to the discipline of daily practice. The effects will encourage and inspire you.

The only requirement is being open minded and receptive to learning. Knowing the practice of Ashtanga Yoga is not required.

David Keil Mysore 2022

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