Ashtanga Yoga Italy Retreat

Stillpoint Ashtanga Yoga Italy Retreat

‘Illuminate Your Practice’


Yoga In Salento, Puglia

7th to 21st October, 2023

Join Scott Johnson as he returns to Yoga In Salento for a 1-2 week Illuminate Your Practice Stillpoint Ashtanga Yoga Italy self practice and Mindfulness retreat.


The Ashtanga Yoga Italy retreat with Scott in Salento was a mind blowing experience for me. I am a yoga teacher and love the Ashtanga practice with all my heart. The practice and teaching is my great, deep passion. For the last 2 years I have suffered from severe back pain and as a result, severe impairment. Although my healing has been going well lately, all my focus in body and also in mind had been on this pain.

Scott showed me ways to leave this well-worn path. Talking to him made me realise how trapped I was in this spiral and that I had lost trust in my body and its wisdom.

Scott helped me to find my strength, my energy and the trust in my body again. And he also gave me back the fun in my practice. This retreat was a really extraordinary experience with a very warm atmosphere and wonderful energy. Scott is a very approachable teacher, with a vast knowledge that he shares in a very personal way, creating a collaboration with each student on an individual basis.

I have learned a lot from Scott and am incredibly grateful to him.

Eva Deudinger

Illuminate Your Practice

For many of us our yoga practice is deeply important to us. It can make us feel like we’re flying, and yet there are so many things that come up through the process of practice itself. It’s these processes, those things that challenge us, that can be the most profound. Wherever you are, whatever you bring, this Mysore Yoga retreat will shine a light on your practice.  It will illuminate what’s coming up for you and help you explore different ways of moving through it, whether you are working with an injury, feel a little stuck in your practice or feel like you’re flying.

Who is this retreat for?

This retreat is for all practitioners of Ashtanga yoga to discover their own way of practicing this profound system movement, breath and philosophy. Whether you are a beginner or experienced, have injuries or particular things holding you back, Scott will draw on his 18 years of experience teaching Mysore Ashtanga Yoga and Mindfulness to shine a light on your yoga practice and help you discover something fresh…

The Stillpoint Yoga Italy retreat will include:

  • Mindfulness Meditation
  • Pranayama/breathing techniques
  • Ashtanga yoga – Self practice and guided classes
  • Chanting
  • Philosophy
  • Movement technique.
  • Yoga clinics focusing on peoples unique patterns and issues.

What you will gain from the retreat:

Over the intensive you will gain insight into your own patterns of practice and how to move in your own unique way. If working with pain or injuries there will be fresh light on how to alleviate and work with these issues. We will use the wider context of anatomy, mindfulness and philosophy to see how we can notice things in a fresh way. This will also help you to see the practice of yoga in a wider context to your life.

Stillpoint Yoga Italy Retreat Program:

Each week there will be:

  • 3 Hours x 6 morning classes
  • 2 Hours x 3 afternoon classes

Morning classes

  • There will be instruction and guidance in:
  • Mindfulness
  • pranayama
  • ashtanga yoga guided and self practice classes

Afternoon classes

The afternoon workshops will be a response to what comes up in the morning classes, blending anatomy, technique, philosophy, movement theory and mindfulness practice to help you with your own personal patterns and practice. There will be also yoga clinic each week where you can ask particular questions on any aspect of your yoga practice.