Ashtanga Yoga Aberdeen

Ashtanga Yoga Aberdeen Workshop

Mindful Patterns of Ashtanga Yoga


Scott Johnson

10th -13th November 2022

The Yoga Spot, 2 Queens Lane North, Aberdeen, AB15 4DF

After a 3 year break Scott will return to one of our sister shalas, The Yoga Spot in Aberdeen, for the sixth time.

From Thursday 10th November to Sunday 13 November 2022 there will be four days of Ashtanga Vinyasa Self-Practice (Mysore style) classes. Although these classes are open to all levels, knowledge of the Ashtanga sequence is recommended. Choose either a 6.15 am or 8.00 am start time. Scott will also be running two afternoon workshops over the weekend.


Ashtanga Yoga Aberdeen Morning Practice

Ashtanga Yoga assisted self practice

Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday Morning (Start times: 06.15/08.00)


Scott will assist you in developing and deepening your Ashtanga yoga self-practice in the traditional Mysore style. Scott has taught Mysore style self-practice every week day morning since 2009 at Stillpoint Yoga London. He has helped thousands of people develop a long term and safe ashtanga yoga practice.

Ashtanga Yoga Aberdeen Workshops

Mindful Patterns of Movement 1 – Surya Namaskar

Saturday 12th November 12.00-2.30pm: 


We will unpack the delicate, subtle movement and weight patterns that underpin the Surya Namaskar (sun salutations). We will also look at how the 9 vinyasa all have a part to play in how the rest of the practice unfolds and how the subtle elements of the practice; breath, bandha and drishti, are unveiled as a natural process of awareness.

Ashtanga Yoga italy retreat

Mindful Patterns of Movement 2 – Back-bending

Sunday 13th November 12.00-2.30pm: 


Back-bending is really front body opening.  With any back-bend we are looking to create a balance of strength and mobility in the hip and shoulder joints to be able to extend the spine while supporting the sacrum, ultimately finding freedom in the breath. In this workshop we will look at patterns that unveil how to find this freedom of extension and breath in a number of back-bending postures.