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Ashtanga Yoga Marseille Workshop

A Mindful Approach to Ashtanga Yoga


Scott Johnson

25 -27 November 2022

My Yoga Shala, 53 Avenue du Prado, 13006, Marseille


Ashtanga Yoga Marseille Morning Practice

Friday, Saturday & Sunday Morning

Mindfulness, Pranayama, Ashtanga Yoga assisted self practice and chanting

Scott will create a space for inquiry, beginning each morning with sitting practice then pranayama.

It is here that you will then meet your asana practice. Scott will then assist you in developing and deepening your Ashtanga yoga self-practice in the traditional Mysore style. Scott has taught Mysore style self-practice every week day morning since 2009 at Stillpoint Yoga London. He has helped thousands of people develop a long term and safe ashtanga yoga practice.


Ashtanga Yoga Marseille Workshops

Friday Evening

A mindful approach to Ashtanga Yoga.

Meeting the Ashtanga yoga practice with mindful awareness.

How do we individually approach yoga in relationship to our own lives? Can we see deeper into how our yoga practice can help us nurture the breath and movement awareness that we hold so dear? 

How we notice this all play out can allow us to land the awareness of ourselves, and our physical practice, in the present moment. Again, and again. This workshop will play with both breathing and mindfulness techniques in relation to movement awareness and the patterns of ashtanga yoga we know so well. Noticing the constant and ongoing interplay between asana reference points and a mindfulness awareness is the ground from which we can become deeply embodied in practice.

We will reflect on how this can be the base from how we move in our practice and the world.

Ashtanga Yoga italy retreat

Saturday Afternoon

Ashtanga Yoga as Embodied Movement

Seeing the Ashtanga yoga practice through a new lens

We continue the theme of Saturday’s mindful awareness by looking at asana and vinyasa, seeing how they all blend to form an embodied movement awareness. We will look at the patterns and relationships that underpin the forms of the asanas in the practice and see how taking care allows you to deepen the awareness of movement in the postures. This will lead to acquiring a greater feeling of connection to a posture and movement of the body through vinyasa. 

Sunday Afternoon

A Yoga Clinic Q&A

We will discover answers only lead to more questions…

In this afternoon workshop Scott will create a space for questions to be answered around any aspect of yoga practice, be it asana, philosophy, or any other aspect. The focus will be how we can shed light on those areas pop practice that we find difficult or challenging. We can discuss how we bring more awareness to these areas, whatever they are for you. We won’t say there are any answers, just an ongoing process of inquiry into more questions.

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