Scott Johnson

A Mindful Approach to the Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series


Learn inspiring techniques, safe adjustments and more on our five Day (30hr) Training


Scott Johnson


supported by

Kia Naddermier, Anthony ‘Prem’ Carlisi, Ellen Johannesen, Mark Robberds, Petri Raisanen


Monday 26th September – Friday 30th September 2022, 10am – 5pm

Stillpoint Yoga, West Wing, Guys Campus, St Thomas St, London Bridge, SE1 9TL

Price: £500

Limited Spaces available so we can offer focused, individual attention.
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What is the Mindful Approach to the Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series training? 

For the very first time here at Stillpoint we will unpack the Primary Series over five days of gentle inquiry, helping you to deepen your understanding of the Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series. We will unveil the wisdom that this foundational part of the Ashtanga Yoga practice offers us.

We will also have friends of Stillpoint from around the world delivering Zoom conferences on each day. They will add their experience and knowledge to help us look at the deeper layers of the primary series. So far these teachers are:


Anthony ‘Prem’ Carlisi

Prem Carlisi, Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series

Kia Naddermier

Kia Naddermier

Mark Robberds

Mark Robberds

Ellen Johannesen

Ellen Johannesen, Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series

Petri Raisanen

Petri Raisanen


Each day will be looking at Ashtanga yoga and contemplative practice through the lens of sutra 1.20

  • Monday: Shraddha – Faith, Self belief
  • Tuesday: Virya – energy
  • Wednesday: Smriti – Mindfulness, To remember
  • Thursday: Samadhi – Concentration
  • Friday: Prajna – Wisdom.

Who will benefit from the Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series training?

This training is for committed practitioners who have an established full primary series practice in Ashtanga Yoga. It’s also for teachers of Ashtanga Yoga who would like to learn the subtleties of this practice and more. You do not have to be a teacher to participate. 

This training is for you if:

  • You have been practicing for a while and you want to deepen your understanding of the Ashtanga Yoga practice.
  • Are looking to teach and want a great way to begin to understand what’s required and how to begin to see students.
  • You are an established yoga teacher and would like to deepen your knowledge with guidance and support form a senior Ashtanga Yoga teacher. 

What the Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series training includes:

There will be 5 full days of study from 10am – 5pm. Each day there will be

  • A daily Mysore class with Stillpoint director Scott Johnson 
  • A daily 3hr session looking at the patterns that move between all the postures of the primary series and adjustments of the postures in relationship to those patterns.
  • There will be a daily guided meditation on the practices of one pointed focus from the first Pada of the yoga sutras 
  • There be will chanting and guidance of the Vedic Shanti Mantras with Scott.
  • Guest teachers from the long lineage of Mindfulness and Ashtanga Yoga sharing there wisdom followed by a Q&A. 

A deeper look at what to expect:

Scott Johnson has taught many, many practitioners over the years an individual approach to the practice of Ashtanga yoga. With a deep look at individual patterns and the whole process of the primary series this training will help you understand how the primary series begins to unveil in a body. We will look at each posture in depth and Scott will show you a way of adjusting and assisting people in each posture from an individual perspective. There will be an introduction to the Vinyasa Count and the correct Sanskrit pronunciation of the asanas and the opening and closing chants.

Scott will also teach the Vedic peace chants, breathing technique and mindfulness principles that deeply underpin our practice and how we see others. Scott will also share yoga philosophy each day from Sutra 1.20, the sutra that points to the effort and commitment required for yoga practice.

Each day there will also be a zoom conference from friends of Stillpoint over the years. Each highly experienced teacher will offer insights into their personal approach and history of teaching and practicing the primary series. We are so pleased to have invitations confirmed from:

Anthony ‘Prem’ Carlisi, Kia Naddermier, Mark Robberds, Ellen Johannesen, Petri Raisanen


You need to have a full understanding of the Ashtanga Yoga practice (including being proficient in the Mysore style/self practice method), be practicing the full primary ‘yoga chikitsa’ series and finally have an open and curious mind.


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