A New Kind Of Sangha

As we navigate the world under COVID-19 Scott shares insights from the past and how we are in a totally new yoga paradigm.

A Decade Of Foundations

This month, Scott shares how a decade of yoga foundations is helping to move Stillpoint You London into the next ten years of it's life.

How conversations move us

As SYL launches the new Stillpoints podcast, Scott shares how yoga and other contemplative practices come alive through deep interactions between people over many years.

Empowerment as a way forward in Ashtanga yoga

Scott reflects on how 2018 was a seminal year for Ashtanga yoga. He considers how Ashtanga can be a force for change, empowering us to move forward and creating ripples as it finds a new voice.

Navigating both a yoga practice and a family

Scott explores how being a father and wanting the best for his family helps him to observe and trust in himself and mimics the growth of his personal spiritual practice. Seeing that this is the hope we perhaps want for our own practice and the world.

How can yoga transform our relationship with life?

In Scott's latest post he explores how yoga practice not only benefits our own personal view of the world but how we can connect with others and see their viewpoint too. Even when things feel unstable…

5 things I’ve learned from starting a yoga blog

After a year of writing the Stillpoint Yoga London blog, Scott shares how this has opened up a new found creativity that he hasn’t touched in decades and how writing stems from practice - yoga practice.

How to create fierce compassion for the world

Scott reflects on the past year at SYL, meditates on the current political climate and suggests ways to prepare for the new year by cultivating a sense of fierce compassion in our practice.