Join our 200hr Teacher Training...

and learn to become a highly skilled teacher of Ashtanga yoga 

Purple Valley Retreat Centre, Goa

30th March - 27th April 2024


Scott Johnson & Greg Nardi 

Become a skilled teacher of Ashtanga Yoga

In the first ever Stillpoint Yoga Ashtanga Yoga teacher training Scott Johnson and Greg Nardi will focus on the skills necessary to facilitate holding space for others in an Ashtanga Yoga room and explore how to teach Ashtanga yoga in a way that is accessible to a wide variety of yoga practitioners. 

'There are as many ways to approach the teaching of Ashtanga vinyasa yoga as there are practitioners.'

At its root, this unique 200hr teacher training envisions the practice and study of Ashtanga yoga as a journey toward self knowledge and our relationship to each other and the world.

Its function is to help teachers develop skills to hold space for that inquiry in others. If you have been a long term Ashtanga practitioner over the years you’ll know that there are many Ashtanga teachers sharing the method in their own unique ways, so you'll also know that there is more than one way to approach the teaching of Ashtanga Yoga. What if there were a way to take all of this knowledge and place it in the hands of the practitioner? So they can begin to make the decisions that are best for their needs and progress through the practice and study of Ashtanga Yoga.

This training will help you share the traditional practice of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga in a way that is accessible and available to a wide ranging population.

How will this training help you?

Uncover your ‘why’

The practice of yoga is deeply personal to all of us. We all have our own reason for stepping on a yoga mat or sitting on a cushion. The next step, of wanting to teach, is also deeply personal. This training will help you to uncover your own ‘why?’. The reasons you do what you do. It will then help you shape that ‘why’ to help you support others in discovering theirs.

 Learn how to hold space

This training will give space to learning as an individual and within a community. It will honour the interdependence of all of us by exploring how the great vows of Ashtanga yoga, the yamas, can facilitate a space of co-learning and shared experience. 

See yoga as a process

Over the training, as you begin to see that the teaching and practice of Ashtanga yoga is actually an ongoing process of meeting yourself and others, you will use learn insights and skills to hold space for a wide variety of people and experiences, through the lens of the Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga practice and framework.

What will you learn on this teacher training course?

  • Guidance on your daily personal practice 
  • Learn how to facilitate a practitioner-centered learning environment.
  • Learn about power dynamics and consent in the yoga class.
  • Learn to adapt sequences and poses for individual practitioners.
  • Learn foundations of asana assists.
  • In depth study of the anatomy and biomechanics of asana.
  • Introduction to the physiological systems including polyvagal theory.
  • Learn yogic models of assessment.
  • Learn the History and Philosophy of Yoga.
  • Learn to teach an Ashtanga yoga beginner’s class.
  • Learn to teach a full primary series Ashtanga yoga class
  • Learn to guide a simple breathing practice
  • Learn the principles and foundations of mindfulness
  • Learn to guide a meditation
  • Have lots of time to practice teaching!

Who is this teacher training for?

Experienced practitioners with the desire to take a deep dive into the practice, history, and philosophy of Ashtanga Yoga, who also wish to begin sharing it with others.  here...

What are the criteria for application?

  1. 1
    Two years of dedicated practice of Ashtanga vinyasa yoga
  2. 2
    Experience, and understanding, of practicing the full primary series of Ashtanga vinyasa yoga. 
  3. 3
    On acceptance to the training you will receive access to a resource folder containing the asana names, opening and closing chants and the vinyasa count. Please commit to memorising, or have a good knowledge of this, before the first day of the training. 

At the end of this course you will be qualified to:

  • Teach an Ashtanga yoga beginner’s class.
  • Teach a practitioner-  centred, full primary series Ashtanga yoga class
  • Guide a simple breathing practice.
  • Guide a meditation

What credentials will you receive?

On successful assessment and graduation of the course you will receive a Stillpoint Yoga foundation teacher certificate accredited by Yoga Alliance Professionals. This certificate will give you the ability to begin to teach your own Ashtanga yoga classes and lead you toward further training with Stillpoint Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga Worldwide. 

(this training will not authorise you to teach Ashtanga yoga through the Sharath Yoga Centre/SYC)

(There will be also an opportunity to upgrade your training to a 230hr foundation plus certificate with 30hrs of online mentoring after the course finishes)

Payment and Schedule

The teacher training is over 4 weeks and is broken down into 2 modules, both 2 weeks long. 

On successful completion of both modules 1 and 2, trainees will be awarded with a foundational yoga certificate and be able to register with Yoga Alliance Professionals. 

The prices given below are based per 2 weekly module (all training, food and accommodation at Purple Valley) and must be paid in full before beginning each module. 

Garden view room Single (Savasana and Cottages) £3400 GBP
Garden view Shared (Savasana and Cottages) £3100 GBP
Standard Single (Ganesh and Savasana) £3150 GBP
Standard Shared (Ganesh/Savasana) £2900 GBP

(Trainees have up to 2 years to complete both modules.)

Who are your teachers?

Scott Johnson Stillpoint Yoga London Bridge

Scott Johnson

Greg Nardi

Greg Nardi